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professor of Biodiversity:

     Piercing through the vacuous morass of the so-called fine art movement, a shining beacon arrives on the landscape to burnish the feckless, barren potash narcissism of modernity.  As if nature herself spontaneously produced the antidote to her human-caused nausea, a new kind of photographer was forged. Upon witnessing the preponderance in which hairless apes exercise their unbroken ignorance of all things natural, our hero was forced to feed them awe. Gaze into this electronic filing cabinet of illustriousness within and take note of the astonishing array of masterpieces. Words fail to elucidate the remarkable achievement betwixt and between these pages of wonderment.

     But seriously, appreciate nature while you still can. Things won't get better unless people start to give a crap about what we have left.  Listen to what the biologists are screaming from the rooftops. Donate money to well-vetted environmental protection organizations. Demand that your politicians FULLY fund the research and manpower needed to stop biodiversity loss. Ease up on the rampant greed, humans.  If not, pretty photos will be all that's left and they are a very poor substitute for the real thing. 

Photo by Holly Abeels
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